About Us

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A commercial swimming pool service and product sales company

Aquatic Source supports renovation, maintenance, service, and operations of commercial pools, spas, and fountains in Michigan. Products and services provided are directed toward county parks, school systems, health clubs, swim and country clubs, resorts, hospitals, condominiums, and apartment complexes.


Founded by the Camp family, Aquatic Source offers a level of experience unmatched in Michigan. With over 350 combined years of construction, installation, and maintenance our team has the experience necessary to protect your investment in your commercial aquatic facility. The fact that the Camps have been in the aquatic industry for as long as they have is not accidental. Clients and vendors seek out their expertise when they could have gone elsewhere. They have come to expect and appreciate the personal service that was started by Sam and Betty Camp, and continues today with Scott and Mel Camp and the Aquatic Source team.

Unique Approach

Aquatic Source is unique in the industry in that we only work on commercial aquatic facilities. Other companies in this market also work on residential bodies of water. Operation of a client’s commercial facility will never be jeopardized by our staff being in a backyard pool. Aquatic Source is also the only pool company in Michigan to offer the Asset Protection Program. You have invested millions of dollars in your commercial aquatic facility. Our job it to help your protect that investment!

Unique Solutions

Aquatic Source is able to rely on our deep industry experience, repairing systems and equipment others would simply replace. Extending the life of existing systems provides the benefit of reduced expenditures for our clients. By working with Aquatic Source, clients are able to continue operating their aquatic facilities at lower costs instead of facing major expenditures that could lead to difficult decisions, including potentially discontinuing operations. Many of our latest solutions involve technologies that are also environmentally friendly and contribute toward our clients green efforts and LEED certifications.