Consulting Services

How is your system running? Do you know what the short and long term costs of running your pool are? All these questions, and more, are pivotal when it comes to operating and maintaining your aquatic facility. As well as being a full service commercial swimming pool company, Aquatic Source has the ability to provide you and your decision makers with detailed reports and applicable budgets on your equipment and facility and what may be looming around the corner. This includes MDEQ and MAHC compliance issues that may cause you and your facility issues.

Planning a renovation or want to know what your options are? Aquatic Source has the capability to provide you and your decision makers with equipment options, latest technologies used in the industry, and solutions that make running a pool more cost effective and user friendly. We have the ability to provide complete written specifications and working drawings that will enable you to get through the competitive bidding process and construction process. We can assist your architect / engineering team and/or construction manager on providing equipment that is right for you and your facility.

At Aquatic Source, we know how un-expected costs in regards to your pool can be problematic. Let us help you plan for the problems and situations of now AND the future … we are here to help!


One of the hardest parts of operating a large aquatics facility is defining (and sticking to) a realistic budget.

The solution to this problem is to conduct a detailed inspection of your facility at least once a year. A thorough inspection will identify the big problems that need to be addressed now, the minor problems that will need to be addressed sometime in the coming year, and flag your biggest safety risks.

Aquatic Source conducts a 287 point detailed inspection of approximately 30 to 40 aquatic facilities in Michigan each year. The inspection is performed by either Kevin Rodenbo or Andy Gauthier, our top senior service technicians. For example a lot of people don’t realize how having your chemicals just slightly out of balance can take years off the life expectancy of their equipment. The 287 Point Inspection covers the following areas:

  • Mechanical Room
  • Filters
  • Pump/Motors
  • Heaters
  • Chemical Feeders
  • Safety Issues
  • Controllers
  • Air Quality
  • Surge Tank
  • Pool Surface Area
  • Pool Interior
  • Competitive Swimming Equipment
  • Water Chemistry
  • Michigan Health Department – Safety Checklist
  • Understanding the Model Aquatic Health Code

After the inspection you will be provided with a copy of our detailed report showing all of our findings. You’ll also receive a cost for any equipment or service item that you will need to budget for in the coming year. Eliminate the guesswork … have an inspection performed today by calling Aquatic Source!!


Aquatic Source can help your pool with:


  • Chlorinators
  • Controllers
  • Probe and Sensor Testing
  • Safety Covers
  • Covers
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Lint Strainers
  • Salt Systems
  • UV Treatment systems
  • Caulking
  • Coping and Tile
  • Media Changes
  • Tile Grouting
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Valve Replacements
  • Pressure Testing
  • Leak Detection
  • Dye Testing
  • Skimmer Repairs
  • Surge Tank Repairs
  • Bonding and Grounding
  • Brominators
  • Wet Niche Lights
  • Dry Niche Lights
  • Marcite Patching
  • Underwater Patching
  • Anchor Replacement